Video for artists 1.Beauty

Brief Interpretation- Beauty

I have to produce a video of between 90 and 120 seconds long that incorporates the theme ‘beauty’. I will research other examples of videos of a similar theme and I will produce my video based on my own interpretation of what is beautiful.

My video must show a basic understanding of visual composition (rules of third, scale etc). All shots must be properly framed, shake free and in focus.

My final video will be place on You Tube and also on my blog and will be finished in a free flowing, well-paced and professional way. I plan to acheive this by using a camera and tripod to record a time lapse images of moving clouds in the sky.


Here are two URL’s that I have researched and have helped me in my own videos direction.


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Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation Guide

Design Aims

My main aim was to design a clear and understandable and easily navigable app. I also wanted to have an app that was striking and instantly recognisable as well as being practical and easy to understand.

Planning Targets

I had various planning targets. I found I hit these targets comfortably and by doing so made the design process more enjoyable and structured. I followed my design plan dates vigorously and found that without undertaking such planning I wouldn’t have finished the app on time.


I tested the app at every development stage. This was an invaluable source of information. There were certain times I had to overrule my own design instincts and go along with what the test results concluded. The most notable of these occasions was when testing for colour. I was convinced white over blue was the only acceptable colour mix but when I tested it on the public I found to my surprise the white on grey was the overwhelming favourite. This changed the whole look of the app for the better and after seeing the final design I can now conclude it was a fantastic decision I would not have taken myself.


I encountered a few problems I had to overcome along the way. The most notable was choosing the pages I wanted in the app and the content and link buttons that they showed. I researched other similar operating apps and found out how they linked together and how they overcame any navigational issues. I then took the best elements from these apps and tried to fit them into my app. The results of which speak for themselves.


Overall I think I achieved the aims of the brief to a satisfactory level. I learned how important the development and research part of the design process is and how vital it is to test and evaluate the app at every stage of its development.

I think my strong points in this process were the research and colour design. My week points were thinking through the actual content in terms of buttons and link ups. However I feel I learned to overcome these setbacks and had a nice flowing app in the end.

The difference between my perceived app and my actual app were huge. I had pictured my app to be a brightly coloured fast flowing cutting edge design. However the practicality of such an app is never going to happen easily. I found that it is sometimes best to focus on clear, plain and straight forward designs than over complex colour and navigation.

Next time I think I would spend more time on the colour and font research than the actual layout and navigation. Had I been given more time in a select area to develop I would have spent longer sifting through more font and colour combinations.

I am very happy with my finished app. I think it is a very usable app (my tests on other users agree with this) that flows clearly and has a sleek, clear and very readable layout and structure.

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New Media

Hi – Fi Usability Test


Path 1 (offer)

Time taken to complete path (In seconds)– 10,7,8,9

Mistakes – n,n,n,n

Can it be recalled easily – y,y,y,y

Feelings (was it straight forward) – y,y,y,y


Path 2 (video)

Time taken to complete path – 3,3,4,5

Mistakes –n,n,n,n

Can it be recalled easily – y,y,y,y

Feelings (was it straight forward) – y,y,y,y

This usability test was completed by Kayleigh, Ben, Danny and Stephen (Group A).

The evaluation was very successful. The app appears to be very usable and the layout and navigation is generally seen by the testers as being ‘very easy and simple to get around.

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App Testing

Navigation testing
Does the layout match the design? yes
Do all the buttons work? yes
Do all the texts, fonts colours and sizes match the original design spec? no
Do  text scroll functions or animations work? yes
Do the non functioning controls grey out when not needed? yes
Is there a visible continuity between screens? yes
If there are any applets, SWF’s or other plugins and do they operate correctly? no
Has the text been spell checked? yes

Navigation testing
Do all the links within the application work? yes
Do all the hyperlinks function correctly? yes
Are there any broken links? no
Is there a smooth transition between screens? yes
Is there consistency between screens? yes

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Lo – Fi Evaluation

Lo - Fi Evaluation

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Extra Colour Info

Just a side note- I forgot to mention when picking the original Colours for my app design that I took in to account the cultural significance of the Colour range (ie:red is lucky in China etc) and I experimented on designs that fitted in with the Colour Wheel with my final design falling under a analogous category. 

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Navigation Map

Navigation Map

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