Video for artists 1.Beauty

Brief Interpretation- Beauty

I have to produce a video of between 90 and 120 seconds long that incorporates the theme ‘beauty’. I will research other examples of videos of a similar theme and I will produce my video based on my own interpretation of what is beautiful.

My video must show a basic understanding of visual composition (rules of third, scale etc). All shots must be properly framed, shake free and in focus.

My final video will be place on You Tube and also on my blog and will be finished in a free flowing, well-paced and professional way. I plan to acheive this by using a camera and tripod to record a time lapse images of moving clouds in the sky.


Here are two URL’s that I have researched and have helped me in my own videos direction.



About Billy Kerr

Author of the top ten travel eBook "A Tale of Buddhas and Bandits". Currently a Computer Art and Design student.
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